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Cala Civette

Cala Civette – Civette Tower

Nature trail

Cala Civette, much less known than the adjacent Cala Violina, is the real surprise of the Bandite di Scarlino coast. Compared to its famous neighbor, it has a darker brown color sand and retains an even more wild aspect because it is less crowded during the high season and almost deserted during the other months of the year. Often we observe tree trunks carried on the shoreline by the force of the sea and seedlings that sprout among the grains of sand. The dense bush that extends behind the beach is included in a private property (the same as that of the villa with the tower that will be discussed soon) and has recently been surrounded by a hedge to prevent bathers from violating the boundaries of the estate. The water of the creek has the same clarity that can be admired in Cala Violina; the panorama ranges from the promontory of Punta Ala to that of Piombino, with the silhouette of the Elba Island in the background. Cala Civette beach has a length of 420 m and a width of 8 to 20 m; it does not have a toilet and there is no commercial activity.

On the summit of the promontory that closes to the south the cove is the Civette Tower, a medieval watch tower used by the State of Piombino for coastal surveillance. Used until the eighteenth century, during the nineteenth century it underwent important transformations that converted it into a private home. For some years now the Torre Civette estate, which also includes farmland and wooded areas on the surrounding hills, was acquired by a Russian magnate who started renovating the buildings.

Short path: from the northern limit of the long beach of Casetta Civinini (the beach north of Punta Ala) you pass the mouth of the river Alma passing over the concrete blocks and crossing the small stream (the water don’t go over the knees); you continue walking along the rocks at the base of the promontory of Torre Civette until you reach the beach of Cala Civette.
Recommended path: from Pian d’Alma car park it is necessary to go on foot or by bike along the wide path of just over 1.5 km that leads to Cala Violina. At the end of the path turn left and take the path that follows the coast to the south for 1 km until you reach Cala Civette. The downhill path leading to the cove requires suitable shoes.
Long path: Cala Civette can also be reached from the hamlet of Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino along a path of 5 km along the wide and scenic path that winds from north to south along the coast. From the marina, follow uphill lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi up to the promontory of Terra Rossa; from here begins the path that continues meeting the Cale di Terra Rossa and Cala le Donne, Cala Martina and finally Cala Violina; you always proceed along the coast and bypassing the promontory until you reach the downhill path that leads to Cala Civette. The route is particularly suitable for those who want to reach Cala Civette by bike enjoying the magnificent panorama.
From Pian d’Alma car park: 40′ on foot, 15′ by bike.
From Cala Violina: 15′ on foot, 5′ by bike.
From Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino: 1 h 30′ on foot, 30′ by bike.
From the beach of Casetta Civinini (Punta Ala): 10′ on foot from the northern limit of the beach.
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