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Cala di Portiglioni

Cala di Portiglioni

Pebble beach

Beyond Cala Felice coming from Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino you will find on the right the descent path to Cala di Portiglioni, a larger cove than the previous one but almost completely devoid of sand. On the left stands the promontory of Terra Rossa, occupied by the installations for loading on boats the pyrite transported here by Gavorrano through a system of cableways, dating back to the years following the First World War and enlarged in 1930-1931.

Short path: From Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino continue along the lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi southwards to the point where the road begins to rise. After about 250 m, after passing the entrance to the beach club of Cala Felice, you will find on the right the path that descends to the cove.
Long path: Cala di Portiglioni is also reachable from Cala Violina and other coves along the route (Cala Martina, Cala le Donne, Cale di Terra Rossa) through the panoramic path that proceeds north along the coast.
From Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino: 8′ on foot, 3′ by bike.
From Cala Felice: 3′ on foot, 1′ by bike.
From Cala Martina: 37′ on foot, 12′ by bike.
From Cala Violina: 1 h 7′ on foot, 22′ by bike.
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