Cala le Donne Portiglioni

Cala Le Donne

Pebble beach
Nature trail

Cala Le Donne is a long cove of pebbles (around 300 m long with a maximum width of 12 m) between Cala Martina and Cale di Terra Rossa, not very popular even during high season. To descend to the cove along the path that starts from the road along the coast it is preferable to wear comfortable shoes.

In the scrubland behind the cove it is hidden the old mule-track that connected Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino to Cala Martina: it is the path made by Garibaldi during his daring escape in the morning of 2 September 1849.

Short path: From Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino continue along the lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi southwards to the point where the road begins to rise. After about 350 m, after the entrance to the beach club of Cala Felice, the descent path to the Cala di Portiglioni and the Restaurant Il Cantuccio at the Cale di Terra Rossa, begins the dirt path that winds along the coast up to Cala Violina. After about 1 km on the right you find the path that leads to Cala Le Donne.
Long path: Cala Le Donne can also be reached from Cala Violina and from Cala Martina through the panoramic path that proceeds north along the coast.
From Portiglioni – Puntone di Scarlino: 30′ on foot, 10′ by bike.
From Cale di Terra Rossa: 15′ on foot, 5′ by bike.
From Cala Martina: 15′ on foot, 5′ by bike.
From Cala Violina: 45′ on foot, 15′ by bike.
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