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arrivare a Cala Violina

How to get to Cala Violina


Reaching Cala Violina both from the north and from the south of the Italian Peninsula is quite easy.

From Northern Italy: when you arrive in Livorno continue to descend following the SS1 via Aurelia and exit at the junction for Follonica north; from the junction, continue to Follonica on the SP152 Aurelia Vecchia, passing a first roundabout and continuing to the second large junction for the center of Follonica (via Leopardi); drive along via Leopardi past the large roundabout and you reach the crossroads where there is a small roundabout; turn right immediately reaching the second small roundabout and here take the second exit (viale Europa) following the signs for Castiglione della Pescaia; continue on viale Europa passing another roundabout and finally reach a large intersection with a wide flowerbed in the center; turning right, flank the flowerbed and take via Cassarello that runs along the pine wood; after a short stretch you reach the junction with via Repubblica; turning left you start to take the coastal road SP 158 delle Collacchie in the direction of Castiglione della Pescaia, enjoying the landscape on the right of the large pine forest that lies behind the beach of Follonica; after about 3 km you reach the marina of Puntone di Scarlino and cross the canal over the bridge starting to climb through wooded hills; after another 3 km on the right is the junction for Cala Violina that leads to the parking area.

TownDistanceApproximate travel time
from Brenner Pass600 km6 h 20′
Turin450 km5 h
Venice420 km4 h 30′
Milan400 km4 h 30′
Genoa280 km3 h 20′
Bologna270 km3 h 20′

From Rome and from the South: when you arrive in Civitavecchia, continue on the A12 to Tarquinia and again on the SS1 via Aurelia until reaching Grosseto; exit at the crossroads for Grosseto north and at the roundabout turn right along the SP152 via Aurelia Nord; after 2 km turn left following the signs for Castiglione della Pescaia taking the SP109 Barbaruta; after 6 km, always following the signs for Castiglione, turn right at the intersection with the SP3 of the Padule; you pass the roundabout keeping on the same road until you reach the roundabout at the beginning of the village of Castiglione della Pescaia and take the second exit which continues uphill with the name of Strada Circonvallazione and then of via della Pace; after the descent at the junction with the coast road SP158 delle Collacchie turn right and follow the coast first and then enter a hilly landscape; after 9 km on the left there is the junction for Cala Violina that leads to the parking area.

TownDistanceApproximate travel time
Naples450 km5 h
Rome230 km3 h 10′

Cala Violina parking

The parking area at the end of the dirt road has a limited number of spaces: when the maximum capacity is reached (250 cars) the cars are waiting on the road until some parking lot gets free. In high season (july-august) it is therefore advisable to reach Cala Violina by 10 am or alternatively in the afternoon.
A long path (1.5 km) starts from the parking, crossing the woods and the Mediterranean scrubland inside the Bandite di Scarlino towards Cala Violina. It is advisable to walk the path with suitable shoes.
Parking is paid but not guarded.
Parking time: from 8 to 21 in high season
Prices: full day car € 7, camper € 12; after 1 pm half costs


The Follonica station is well connected to that of Pisa and from there with the rest of northern Italy; the station is also served by the Rome – Pisa route for those coming from the Capital. In the square of the Follonica station there are the Tiemme bus lines which in the summer run regular services to the Cala Violina car park. The stop in which get off is Podere Laschi; from here a 500 m long path crosses the fields heading west, connecting with the dirt road that leads to the parking of the cove.
Train information
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